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Dick's Sporting Goods
(856) 317-8394
2130 Route 70 West
Cherry Hill, NJ
Dick's Sporting Goods
(215) 657-8977
The Plaza at Willow Grove Park
Willow Grove, PA
Dick's Sporting Goods
(215) 637-3230
Franklin Mills Mall
Philadelphia, PA
Dick's Sporting Goods
(215) 368-2186
Montgomery Mall
North Wales, PA
Modell's Sporting Goods
(215) 634-7677
3400 Aramingo Ave
Philadelphia, PA
10:00AM - 7:00PM SUNDAY

Dick's Sporting Goods
(610) 260-4400
Metroplex Shopping Center
Plymouth Meeting, PA
Dick's Sporting Goods
(856) 384-8533
399 Almonesson Road
Deptford, NJ
Dick's Sporting Goods
(856) 802-1225
East Gate Square
Mt. Laurel, NJ
Dick's Sporting Goods
(609) 747-0400
2703 Route 541
Burlington Township, NJ
Modell's Sporting Goods
(215) 972-8080
1528 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA
11:00AM - 5:00PM SUNDAY

Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2009)

While boaters know that there is nothing worse than being up a creek without a paddle, backpackers might find it just as upsetting to be up a Creek without a Fly. Thankfully, the Fly comes with the Creek in Big Agnes' lightest two-person tent ever: the Fly Creek 2.

by Ray Estrella | 2009-07-24 00:05:00-06

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Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2009) - 1
The new Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 is their lightest two-person tent ever. Those two people should expect to be pretty cozy inside.

I Am Not a Shill!

Anybody that knows me from my writing or backpacking forums knows of my love for Big Agnes' ( lightweight tents, though, to be fair, I have been harsh when needed. I had a Seedhouse SL2 from one of the first shipments, and I still use a modified newer version when testing obligations permit. So I said "Ooh, ooh, pick me!" when this dispatch needed to be written up. (Maybe I will put it through its paces down the road too. Stay tuned.)

The two-person Fly Creek UL2 is the newest addition to the company's UltraLight line, joining last year's Fly Creek UL1, a single-person version. As with all of their tents, the Fly Creek uses a hub and pole system to shave weight. Three sections of poles meet in a hub to form a Y, the short ends of which go to either side of the door. The long part curves over the tent to anchor in a grommet centered in the back. While it theoretically can be called a free-standing tent, the back corners need to be staked to take full advantage of all the space.

The tent body attaches to the poles with DAC Swift Clips. These newer clips are much faster to deploy and remove than the old style clips. One departure from the common style of BA tents is the use of lightweight breathable nylon on the lower sections of the body, only using the trademark mesh on the top third or so. This change should help reduce blown in debris a lot while hopefully not cutting down on the ability to fight condensation by hindering air movement and ventilation.

A large D-shaped mesh door in the front gives access to the Fly Creek. Inside the tent we find three gear pockets and loops to attach the optional Triangle Gear Loft.

The fully seam-taped fly goes over the poles and body to keep rough conditions at bay. A small vestibule pulls away from the front of the tent, held in place by two stakes. Since Big Agnes sends eleven stakes, there should be plenty to guy the tent out securely with the included, pre-tied reflective guy-lines.

When it comes to weight, the Fly Creek competes with Big Agnes' own offerings quite well, coming in at 42 ounces total. This beats their Seedhouse SL2 by 12 ounces, yet the Fly Creek has more floor space, as it is two inches longer. It is only 4 ounces heavier than the ...

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Sugar Coma: Days 4 & 5 (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2009)

After five glorious days of all the sweet new stuff retailers can offer, we're home and recovering from the high. Our last blog blizzard of some standouts.

by Alan Dixon and Alison Simon | 2009-07-28 00:15:00-06

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Sugar Coma: Days 4 & 5 (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2009) - 1
Tired of zip baggies that quickly wear out (failed zips, punctured plastic and blown seams), only to be thrown into the trash? Pacific Outdoor Equipment introduces Pneumo ZIP bags. These reusable bags are far more durable, lightening the load on the environment, depending on how many baggies you go through. They are also more reliable at keeping your gear safe and dry. Pneumo ZIP bags are constructed of light waterproof fabric with a strong zip seal. A clear TPU fabric window allows you to see contents while keeping weight down. They come in four sizes and four colors (orange, green, blue and red). POE also makes a Map Case using the same construction, but with the front TPU window the entire size of the bag, 35.5 x 40.6 cm, 74 g (2.6 oz).

Pneumo ZIP Specifications
Volume Size (cm) Weight
0.5 L 20 x 16.5 14 g (0.5 oz)
1.0 L 20 x 24 26 g (0.9 oz)
3.75 L 28 x 30.5 43 g (1.5 oz)
7.5 L 35.5 x 40.6 51 g (1.8 oz)

Sugar Coma: Days 4 & 5 (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2009) - 2
ZipVac has a line of reusable, self-vacuum-pack bags. The bags are a very light triple-layer material with an industrial double-zip and a vacuum valve. They are microwaveable, dishwasher safe, and should stand up to many uses. A kit comes with an assortment of bag sizes and a small pump (at 1.4 oz, it is light enough to carry into the field to re-vacuum-pack the bags after use). Oxygen impermeable, ZipVac bags keep food fresher and transmit no odor (a help to keep from attracting rodents, birds, and bears to your food). We tested this with a smelly curry backpacking dinner and didn't notice any odor-transfer to our other meals (or our pack). We see value in the vacuum bags for keeping food much fresher in the backcountry, especially for cured meats, cheeses, and breads (they have a dedicated bread/fillet bag). We usually take a full loaf of bread backpacking and are excited to see how much longer it will keep moist and fresh.

ZipVac Specifications
Volume Size (in) Weight (oz)
Quart 7 x 7.5 0.3
Gallon 10.5 x 11 0.6
Fillet 9 x 18.5 0.7
Jumbo 13.5 x 13.5 0.9
Vacuum Pump   1.4

Sugar Coma: Days 4 & 5 (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2009) - 3
Finally, an easy way to keep those fuel canisters out of landfills and hazardous waste centers! JetBoil displayed a small stainless tool that looked a lot like a modified can opener of old. The tool threads onto the valve of a fuel canister and releases the unused propane/buta...

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